Copied: Has An Housa Man Really Ruled Nigeria?

By solomon kunle 17/09/24 11:04 pm

-Nigeria got its independence in 1960 which is 57 years now.

Let's look at the records of rulership:

The longest serving President in Nigeria is a Northern Christian minority: Yakubu Gowon for 9 years. He's Ngas by tribe from Plateau North Central Nigeria.

Followed by IBB, a "Nupe" (others say Gwari or Hausa settler at Wushishi) man from Niger State, another minority tribe from North Central. He ruled for 8 years.

A Kano raised Kanuri man from Brno: Sani Abacha ruled for 5 years. Kanuri is another minority from North East of Nigeria.

Tafawa Balewa was Prime Minister (along with Azikwe as President) for 6 years: Balewa is a Northern minority from Balewa village in North East Nigeria.

Murtala Mohammed of Auchi parents (Edo state - South south of Nigeria) but born in kano ruled for a year before he was assassinated.

Shehu Shagari, a Fulani man from Sokoto, (core North) ruled for 4 years.

Shehu Yar'adua, a Fulani man from Katsina (core north) ruled for 2 years.

Abdulsalam, a Gwari minority from Niger state, (North Central) ruled for 1 year.

Muhammadu Buhari ruled for 22 months (1st time) and now in his 3rd year (2nd time).

Obasanjo, a Yoruba man from South West ruled for 3 and half years. Same Obasanjo again ruled for another 8 years.

Ernest Shonekan, a Yoruba man from South West ruled for 6 months.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (Ijaw man), a minority from South South ruled for 6 years.

Aguiyi Ironsi ruled for 7 months (guess from where?) Abia State.

Now, if you check through the whole record, an Hausa man has never ruled Nigeria.

True and facts are these: 2 Fulani presidents, (Buhari - Yaradua - and Buhari again) have ruled for 10 years to date.

Yorubas 12 years

Ngas, for 9 years

Nupe'? (Gwari/Hausa) for 8 years

Ijaw for 6 years

Gwari for 1 year

Kanuri for  5 years

Ironsi : 7 months

Igbos zero month (if we say Ironsi is not an igbo man) Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe was also President for 6-years.

And if you look at the 57 years rule:Muslim rule for 29.5 years

Christian rule for 27.5 years* if you  add Zik's Presidency of 6-years, Christians had ruled for 33.5 years!.

But I keep wondering why some Nigerians keep crying: "Hausa - Muslim Born to rule"

Most of us are very economical with the truth. The years Obasanjo spent in power is more than what the whole Fulanis spent even if Buhari finishes this tenure.

And here is a shocker: the Hausas are actually a majority tribe in terms of population, spread, land mass etc. Imagine if they begin to look at issues from tribal perspective and begin to emotionally blackmail us all with cries of marginalization which factually is true.

But the poor Hausa man is not. For one way, he understands that we all have been marginalized. Our war should be against the class marginalization: The rich versus the poor

For it is the same thing that a poor man from Nupe, or the poor man from Efik, Igala, Kanuri, Fulani etc suffers that the poor Hausa man suffers likewise the poor Igbo man. That class disparity ought to be our war. Not the hate resulting from lies that an Hausa man have ruled us for all of our 57 years when infact the true tally is zero.

We are better together. Yes we have grievances, but blackmail, lies, propaganda won't solve them for us. Only the truth can and will.

The Hausas are the ones marginalized in Nigeria


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