Akinjide Laughs Off Comments About Buhari Contesting Election In 2019.

By Akingbola sanu 17/10/04 11:01 am

-Chief Richard Akinjide (SAN) who is the minister of Justice have come out to say that the structures in Nigeria would not allow the Presidency to come back next time after current issues in the country.He had an interview about the decision of Buhari coming back as President and this was what he said.*_How will you rate the performance of President Buhari since 2015?_*Your guess is as good as mine. I should have preferred that (since) Buhari has got what he wanted, he should go and rest while others who are real politicians should come to power. But people don’t listen to the truth; they want haslf-truth and half falsehood.*_What is your response to those in support of his return in 2019?_*I just laugh at that. If he does that, it will be a big joke.*_Are you saying he will not win?_*I don’t know but it is going to be a very big joke.

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