Lai Mohammed Reveals Plans Of The FG To Stop Ex Governors From Making Money Off Corrupt Excesses.

By Akingbola sanu 17/10/09 02:02 pm

-Lai Mohammed reveals plans of the FG to stop ex Governors from making money off corrupt excesses.The Minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed has come out to reveal the plans been put in place by the Federal Government to stop corrupt practices.He went on to say not more than 55 people have stolen about $6.2 billion public funds from the country but no name was given.The Minister who have been much maligned so far for his public comments and sometimes false information of the activities of the Government made the statement during a meeting.He said the main target of the Government is to wipe out corruption completely and make sure the system is purified.Mohammed said this was a part of a feature on the vast properties acquired in the UK with stolen funds by Nigerians. According to the minister, $2.06billion of the alleged stolen funds would have built 600 kilometres of roads, 37 hospitals, 20,000 housing units and trained 4000 kids from primary to university level.

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