Odd World Situations Pull Stunts Once Again As Woman Realize Her Husband Had Dead 11 Years From When They Got Married.

By Akingbola sanu 17/10/07 01:58 pm

-Odd World Situations pull stunts once again as Woman realize her husband had dead 11 years from when they got married.For several years, Vero unsuccessfully searched for a man to call her own due to  massive pressure from her mother to get married because age was not on her side. As time went by, Veronica finally left spinsterhood as she got married in nice fashion coupled with an elaborate ceremony that remained fresh in her memory.She met this man on a business trip sometime in February 2011 with whom she later fell in love with cause he was so  reserved and handsome.She then took him home and her parents were full of joy as plans the traditional marriage rites started in earnest but payment of the bride price was defered because she was already pregnant.After all and sundry they returned to Lafia, where they settled down and lived as couples for over five years.But in March, this year, she discovered that for almost six years, she had been living with a dead man who she called her husband, the father of her child.It sounds like a fairy tale, but it’s true. This is the story of 39-year-old Angela Tyoor Agber, a boisterous woman of Tiv extraction resident in Lafia, until the macabre encounter turned around her life.WATCH FOR PART TWO OF THIS STORY.

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