Timaya Accuses Eedris Abdulkareem Of Cultism Amidst Recent Shots At Each Other.

By Akingbola sanu 17/10/07 12:58 pm

-Timaya accuses Eedris Abdulkareem of Cultism amidst recent shots at each other.There have been bad blood recently between Nigerian Dance Hall Singer, Timaya and Eedris Abdulkareem as both have slammed each other calling names that are soar to swallow.And there have been a recent criticism about cultism as Timaya called his fellow artist an unrepentant cult member.Last week Timaya called Eedris Abdulkareem a dirty looking  igbo smoker and that statement didn't go down well with a lot of people.The bayelsa born singer also lashed out at Eedris Abdulkareen after Eedris went on Goldmyne TV to express his disappointment with the quality of music Timaya was making.A pained Timaya didn’t take the criticism well so he lashed out at Eedris saying Eedris is a dirty looking igbo smoker that should be ashamed of himself and have now called him a cult member.According to Timaya, Eedris was not nice to a lot of people, including his former colleague, Rafioso.

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